TopBraid Composer

Getting Started
What is TopBraid Composer?
What are Ontologies?
Help File Conventions
Updating TopBraid Composer
Workspaces, Projects, Folders and Files
Registering your TopBraid Composer
User Interface Overview
Resource Editor
Form Panel
Browser Panel
Diagram Panel
Graph Panel
Form Layout Panel
Source Code Panel
Ontology Overview
Ontology Profile
Ontology Statistics
Classes View
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Navigator View
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Basket View
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Instances View
JavaScript View
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Configuring Preferences
Classes View Preferences
Properties View Preferences
Forms Preferences
Diagram Preferences
Error Handling Preferences
Graph Preferences
Source Code Preferences
SPIN Preferences

Editing Ontologies and RDF Data

Editing Ontologies
Editing Instance Data
Working with the Currently Displayed Resource
Random Data Generator

TopBraid Live Integration

Overview of TopBraid Live Integration
SWP with TopBraid Live
TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG)
SPARQL Endpoint
SPIN Template Service
The DESCRIBE Servlet
The Edit Servlet (used by EDG edit forms)
The Search Servlet
The Import Spreadsheet From Template Servlet
The LDP Servlet

Application Development Tools


SPIN Overview
Editing SPIN Queries
SPIN Inferencing
SPIN Statistics View
User-Defined SPIN Functions and Templates
Using JavaScript to define SPIN/SPARQL Functions
Ontology Mapping with SPINMap
SPIN Preferences

SPARQLMotion Scripts

SPARQLMotion Overview
Editing SPARQLMotion Scripts
Executing and Debugging SPARQLMotion Scripts
Importing SPARQLMotion Scripts as RDF Graphs
Understanding SPARQLMotion
SPARQLMotion Module Library Reference
SPARQLMotion Functions Reference
SPARQL Web Pages (SWP)
Web Services

Importing Data Sources

Working with imported ontologies
Data Integration
Import external information

Importing XML and XSD

Creating, Importing, Querying, Saving XML documents with Semantic XML
Import XSD and corresponding XML
Import SPARQL endpoints
Import Spreadsheets
Import Tab-Separated Spreadsheets
Handling Table documents with Semantic Tables
Importing Excel File into Spreadsheet Ontology
Import Triples from selected File into current Model
Import RDF Files into a new TDB
Add or Import External Triples

Exporting Data Sources

Export / Merge / Convert RDF Graphs
Export Java RDF Vocabulary class
Export XML from RDF
Export XML Schemas from RDF
Creating documentation for review

Working with Data Back Ends

Working with RDF Databases
SQL Databases
Database Performance and Caching
Working with Shared Repositories

Working with Relational Databases

Import Relational Databases with D2RQ
Secure Storage and Passwords

RDF and TopBraid

Semantic Web Standards
Naming Conventions and Namespaces
Named Graphs and Base URIs
Using Reified Statements (statements about statements)
Enterprise Data Governance (EDG)
Extending TopBraid Suite
Adding SPARQL Functions to TopBraid

How to?

Create a new ontology
Use foreign characters in SPARQL export
Open an existing ontology
Create a new class
Create a new property
Create a local restriction
Create a new instance
Create an enumeration
Define classes as intersections, unions and complements
Specify disjoint classes
Set domains and ranges
Modify classes
Create subclasses
Modify properties
Create subproperties
Modify instances
Define and execute rules
Modify namespaces and prefixes
View and edit ontology annotations
Manage annotations
Split classes and instances
Run and configure inference engines
Make inferences persistent
Use search
Compare RDF Models
Test and debug ontologies
Constraint checking
Perform consistency checks
Run test queries
Query debugging and profiling
Refactor ontologies
Rename resources
Perform batch operations
Move resources between files
Convert between RDFS and OWL
Extract classes
Export/Merge/Convert RDF Graphs
Create SPARQL Queries by Example
Resolve Out of Memory Problems


Icons Legend
Manchester OWL Syntax
SPARQLMotion Module Library Reference
SPARQL Functions Reference
TopBraid's SPARQL Property Functions
SHACL Support
Test Cases